FRBWXXQ is my code. Feel free to use it to get $100 discount when you sign up 🙂

I’m with Contact Energy for power myself – no complaints so far. They seemed pretty competitive on price when I compared them to a few others Powershop, EnergyOnline, Flick Electric, Meridian, Genesis etc.

Full details below if you’d like to find out more.

How do you get the Contact $100 referral promo?

Feel free to use my sign up link or copy the promo code: FRBWXXQ

You’ll need to pick a plan when you sign up.

2. Pick a plan & complete online sign-up

Should start from a page like this if using the link:

First page of signing up with the link

3. Get connected

All going to plan you’ll be switched over to or connected to Contact.

3. After ~40 days, your $100 credit should show

It shows up as $86.96 + 15% GST = $100 credit.

What’s the catch?

There’s no major catch I could see. I’ve included the full Ts and Cs below, but to simplify:

  • Technically, we are splitting a $200 friend referral. You get a hundy, I get a hundy.
  • For new sign ups only
  • We must both be Contact customers for 30+ days.

So seems like a pretty good deal, read full details below if you like 🙂

Promo T&C’s:

Contact Energy
Friend get friend Terms & Conditions 2020
1. The Contact Energy Refer a Friend Promotion is available to:
a. new residential Contact customers (Friends) who:
i. apply to join Contact and are accepted as a customer on Contact’s General
Terms and Conditions for Residential and Business Customers;
ii. sign up to at least electricity using a valid referral URL or promo code; and
b. existing residential Contact customers (Referrers) who:
i. generate a valid referral URL or promo code; and
ii. refer a Friend using their valid referral URL or promo code.
2. Subject to the terms below, the Contact Friend Get Friend Promo gives:
a. each Friend who meets the above criteria a credit on their Contact account; and
b. each Referrer who meets the above criteria a credit on their Contact account,
 (each a Promo Credit).
3. The value of the Promo Credit will be the amount advised by Contact on its website as varied
by Contact in its absolute discretion from time to time.
4. To be a valid referral URL or promo code for the purposes of clauses 1 and 2 above, the
referral URL or promo code must be created by an existing customer of Contact Energy using
5. The email address registered to their Contact account for receiving their monthly energy bill.
6. Both the Referrer and Friend must remain Contact customers for a period of at least 30 days
from the date the Friend’s electricity account activates for either of them to receive the
Promo Credit. After that 30 period, the Promo Code will be processed within 15 days.
7. The Promo Credit is not transferrable, refundable nor redeemable for cash.
8. These Friend Get Friend Promo terms apply in addition to Contact’s General Terms and
Conditions for Residential and Business Customers and any other applicable plan terms and
9. We may change these terms or end this promotion at any time at our discretion.

^ copy pasted from here Oct 2021.

How much does Contact Energy cost for electricity?

Fixed chargesper day$1.895
Anytime rateper kWh18.2¢
Electricity Authority Levyper kWh0.13¢
Rates shown from my August 2021 bill, in South Auckland. Basic Plan.


What about the $200 free credit I heard about?

So technically this deal is “$200” split between me & you. Also, Contact previously had an old signup code 200OFF (it no longer works). Currently they have a few deals running, including this refer-a-friend deal where you get $100 if you use my code.

When does the $100 credit kick in?

Should kick in on the second month, and show up as a $86.96+GST credit.

I am already with them on no contract. Can I sign fixed term and get extra credit?

No, don’t think so from reading T&C’s, looks like this is new customers only.

Does contact charge for paying, via credit card?

Yes they have a 0.95% (incl GST) processing fee for credit/debit card payments. I use internet banking monthly to avoid paying this.

What’s the lock in period for the $100 off?

Doesn’t seem to be one when I checked, although some of the power plans have fixed-term contracts attached, so you might want to check that separately. The Basic/Simple plan seems to have no contract (that’s the one I’m on). But there are others with other incentives you might want to check them out.

Ready to sign up and get your $100 credit?

Start with my promo code: FRBWXXQ