6NKY4LYG0U is my discount code – feel free to use it on goodgeorge.kiwi.nz for $5 off your first purchase. It’s one of my favourite kiwi craft beers – so worth a go if you haven’t already.

goodgeorge.kiwi.nz website home page

About Good George

Good George is an NZ beer, cider, gin brewing company with a range of NZ made alcoholic beverages for sale through liquor outlets and on their website.

FAQ’s about Good George Brewing

Who owns good George Brewing?

Jason Macklow from Hamilton owns and originally founded Good George Brewing.

Where is good George Brewing based?

Hamilton, New Zealand.

What does Good George make?

A range of craft beer, ciders and gin.

Does Good George export?

Yes, on their website they say they export a handful of items to Australia and Vanuatu.

When was Good George Established?

OnĀ September 13th 2012, the Good George Brewery and bar opened for business in the Hamilton suburb of Frankton