Shopping feeds are now part of SEO. Leveraging feed optimisation can lead to better organic and paid search visibility, clicks and performance. This post is my disorganized list of resources and guides that I’ve found useful. Thought it would be worth listing it all out.

Feed optimisation:

My take is that “feed optimization” can mean two distinct things.

  1. Designing and running A/B tests, typically on config or field field + content changes within a feed. Then measuring the impact of variant against baseline. This can be time-based sequential or randomized groupings, or even account based.
  2. Improving the warning/error rate, completeness, accuracy, or feature utilization of a feed, in a more general sense.

Both of these typically will have the same goal, to increase ecom transactions, dollars or ROAS coming from product listings, be they Google Shopping or organic shopping in Google, or another marketplace.

Enabling optimisation, depends on:

  1. Technical capabilities of your CMS
  2. Technical capabilities of your feed app
  3. Internal content management processes
  4. Team skillset and ability to change 1-3

In the case of A/B testing, the feed app is probably the largest “enabler” in terms of giving you flexibility to implement testing hypothesis at scale.

Some feed optimization resources I’ve found useful:

Google Shopping Ads campaign structure:

As an SEO guy, Google Ads have always been a closely related but tangential area that I’ve long needed an excuse to learn. There are a couple of nice videos on campaign structure which I’ve found instrumental in learning

It’s difficult to find quality tutorial or learning material above entry level. So if you have any learning resources you’d like to throw into the list, please email me or drop a comment.