Skinny mobile promo code 2021

Get 4GB Free bonus data. Just use this Skinny mobile promo code after you sign up with a new SIM. Code here: 2AH463W

How to get 4GB free data:

  1. Get a Skinny SIM and activate it (get SIMs here).
  2. Buy a $16 or above 4-weekly plan.
  3. Download the Skinny App.
  4. Enter the code in app
  5. Enjoy!

Things to know:

  • You’ve got 30 days from activating SIM to use the code.
  • 4GB will show in your rollover data allowance in app.
  • 90 days to use the data before it expires.
  • Only for new customers.
  • Can only use the code once.


Are skinny and spark the same?

Yep, Skinny is a sub-brand of Spark operating as a MVNO and uses their 4G network.

How can I join skinny?

Get a sim card, activate it. That’s it you’re now ‘joined’. You can topup and add a plan from the Skinny mobile app to get some mins and data going.

How do you get a skinny number?

To get your existing number, just TXT “my number” to 2424. If you’re not on skinny yet just get a sim card.

What does a skinny number start with?

0204 is the prefix for all Skinny mobile numbers in NZ. But you can bring any number like 021 or 027 over by “porting” it from another provider, takes a couple of business hours to do.

Where can I buy a skinny SIM cart in NZ?

Dairies, gas stations, The Warehouse, and most retailers who sell phones will sell Skinny SIMs too.

Ready to sign up? Feel free to use my Skinny promo code – 2AH463W

Disclosure: I don’t work for Skinny, but if you sign up I get $20 credit too, so win-win 🙂