I help Shopify websites to get seen, get clicks and grow sales from organic search in Google, using SEO.

SEO 💔 Shopify?

You can do SEO on Shopify. Just like any other ecommerce platform.

The SEO industry tends to be obsessed WordPress, any other platform falls short – if the community samethink is to be believed. But, there are so many Shopify stores crushing it with SEO. As a modern ecommerce platform there are so many upsides, integrations and feature capability that it’s hard to pass up as a platform.

Most of the cited SEO shortcomings of Shopify tend to be technical. With the right understanding of platform and theme capability, any limitations can be easily worked around if and when needed. However, a complete SEO strategy is not just predicated on platform choice or technical aspects. It doesn’t matter what platform you have if you have gaps with content, relevancy or authority.

Conceptualizing SEO: Optimizing the Venn

Every website site has its own unique set of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in SEO. Sometimes these are obvious, sometimes less so. I help find what those gaps are. Prioritize them by complexity & cost vs benefit. Then I get it done.

A robust SEO strategy should consider (at least) 3x core areas: technical site setup, off-page authority and on-page relevancy. Combining everything to work together is what creates long-term, sustainable organic performance and growth.

SEO I can help you with:

  • Keyword & topic research for ecom
  • Topic vs. on-page relevancy improvement
  • Shopify site migrations – for replatforms or rethemes
  • Content strategy, through to brief & publishing
  • Link acquisition strategy & execution
  • Local SEO for ecommerce
  • Technical SEO & site audits, with prioritized recs
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager config
  • Shopping feed & Google Merchant Centre config
  • Growth from organic with business KPIs first:
    checkouts ($) ← clicks/traffic ← visibility ← deliverables
  • Competitor benchmarking, from kw research
  • Market opportunity forecasting, from kw research
    = total keyword click potential x CvR x AOV

Thinking about getting some help?

If you know exactly what needs doing, or if you are struggling with where to start I can help!

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat. Open to freelance SEO consulting work on a per-project, retainer or hourly basis.

Think of SEO as a compounding, sustainable, growth investment.