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I’m a real guy, and I genuinely recommend Vultr they’ve been great, check my review just below. If you want any more info, flick me an email me: hi [at] this domain.

What is Vultr?

Vultr company offering is a cloud hosted VPS services. Pretty similar to DigitalOcean. They have cloud instances, bare-metal and dedicated options with hourly billing. They do Intel & SSD powered high frequency compute instances. With Linux & Windows deployable image options.

A quick Vultr review

I’ve actually used Vultr for over 5 years now and gotta say, they are great value for money. My typical stack for any personal or client projects is currently to run something like Vultr (Linux / Ubuntu LTS) + ServerPilot + Cloudflare + WordPress + ManageWP + UptimeRobot. Ends up being great value for money running a stack like this for WordPress and you get a performant site with great uptime, and it’s all kept patched & updated right to the bleeding edge.

The odd time I’ve used their customer support they’ve been super quick to respond.

I haven’t used their object storage or load balancing but they brought these out more recently and look like they’d be worth consideration.

I’ve used DigitalOcean, Vultr & Linode and honestly no VPS cloud-hosting is perfect, the only real issue I’ve had is the odd unplanned 2-minute downtime which is pretty unavoidable with any provider. The couple times I’ve had to contact support they have been great at what they do. Admittedly they are not a managed provider and for $5 bucks a month you can’t expect spoonfeeding or help with coding or dev issues. But for within-scope platform issues they’re onto it.

Their control panel is super clean & easy to use, again very similar to Digital Ocean. Being that Vultr pretty much operate the same way and have a similar feature-set to DigitalOcean (I actually use DO as well).

If you want to spin up a high-memory VPS for running an SEO tool like ScreamingFrog or Sitebulb to crawl at large scale for a few hours – their pricing makes it really attractive.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more bang for buck than DigitalOcean, and maybe an AU datacenter, then go for it.

Affiliate: yeah so straight up, this in affiliate link. That just means if you use it & like Vultr enough to stay with them (pretty sure you will) I get $25 too. Tell them Kieran sent you 🙂