Get $15 FREE with my Sharesies referral code

You get $15 free, and I get $5. Easy, use my code if you like:


Tell them Kieran sent you 🙂

They recently updated the welcome bonus from $10 to $15, so even better if you want to join up now. Missed the boat on getting a referral when I signed up, would have been nice.

You can even withdraw this into your NZ bank account or just use it to start investing in some shares. IMO Sharesies is actually alright to get started with, they’re bringing out US share trading in soon in August 2020 as well (currently NZX).

Oh also, make sure to complete your signup to get the $15. By complete I mean at least get to the bit where you put in your ID.

If you’re looking into this – some other good share platforms in NZ that I’ve heard of are are Hatch, Stake & InvestNow.