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You can use your sign up bonus to:

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To get the $5 bonus

  1. Sign up after clicking the promo link
  2. Make sure to finish your sign up.
    • Create your login username + password.
    • Verified your photo ID.
    • Received a confirmation email.

Make sure to get confirmation first

After clicking the Sharesies $5 referral link, check this shows on sign up screen:

Referral applied, we'll add that bonus to your Wallet when you finish sign up!
Sharesies promo code entry field, showing message: "Referral applied, we'll add that bonus to your Wallet when you finish sign up!"
Note: You don’t actually need to enter a “promo code” anymore. It’s just the $5 referral link here.

What are some alternatives to Sharesies?

There are a number of share platforms that have come online now in New Zealand.

  • Hatch – 0.5% exchange + $3 USD buy/sell. US share markets. ETF’s.
  • Stake – 1% transfer fee. US Stocks and ETFs
  • InvestNow
  • ASB Securities
  • Tradestation

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sharesies NZ?

Sharesies is an New Zealand based online share trading app. They let you invest in NZ & US based companies and funds. They operate in a similar way to Hatch, Stake, InvestNow, ASB Securities etc.

Is Sharesies a good investment?

Sharesies is just the platform that enables you to invest in companies and funds. If the companies and funds you choose to invest in are good then you could say your investment is “good”. If you want a better answer, talk to a financial advisor.

Is Sharesies good value?

You get a really good and simple user interface. A low transaction minimum of $5. There rates might work out cheaper for you if you make lots of smaller transactions.

Are Sharesies free?

It’s not completely free, but Sharesies is free to get started with. They charge a $30/year admin fee, this is not really considered cheap when you compare to something like InvestNow

How do I withdraw money from Sharesies?

To withdraw money from Sharesies:

  1. Go to Wallet > Withdraw in the main menu (when you’re logged in)
  2. Enter how much you’d like to withdraw and enter your bank details

You might need to sell your shares first to get the money into your Sharesies “wallet”.

Can you day trade on Sharesies?

Yes, you can use “market trades” on Sharesies to do day trading where you make trades usually within a few seconds-minutes As long as the market is open. For NZX that’s 10am to 4.45pm, Mon-Fri, excl public holidays. ETF’s are delayed by 20mins.

How do I sell shares in Sharesies?

To sell NZ shares:

  1. Select the company, ETFor fund on your portfolio page
  2. Select Sell
  3. Enter sell order details (market or limit)
  4. Hit Review
  5. Check it looks good, then confirm by hitting Sell

When selling investments, this gets deposited into your Sharesies wallet. Then you can withdraw from your wallet to an NZ bank account. Sells and withdrawals are not instant, so plan for that.

How safe is Sharesies?

In theory yes – your money should be safe. If anything were to happen to Sharesies Limited, your money should still be safe because it’s held separately in Sharesies Nominee Limited and the NZX Depository.

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Note: Speak to a Registered Financial Advisor if you want to get investment advice. This article is just from my own experience/research, so may not be completel accurate. Also, just so you know, if you sign up – this is an affiliate code & I get $5 too.