Sharesies Promo Code – Get $15 FREE to Aug 23

Here’s my Sharesies promo/referral code. Feel free to use it:


Tell them Kieran sent you 🙂

[Update October 2020] you now get $5 with a Sharesies promo code.

You can use your sign up bonus to:

  • Withdraw this into your NZ bank account
  • Kick start investing in some shares

To get the $ bonus

Make sure to complete your sign up. Complete means you get to the stage where you have verified your Photo ID.

Some alternatives to Sharesies.

There are a number of share platforms that have come online now in New Zealand.

  • Hatch – 0.5% exchange + $3 USD buy/sell. US share markets. ETF’s.
  • Stake – 1% transfer fee. US Stocks and ETFs
  • InvestNow
  • ASB Securities
  • Tradestation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Sharesies a good investment?

You should ask this question and do your research on the underlying shares and ETF’s. Sharesies is just the platform.

Is Sharesies good value?

You get a really good and simple user interface. A low transaction minimum of $5. There rates might work out cheaper for you if you make lots of smaller transactions.

Are Sharesies free?

It’s not completely free, but Sharesies is free to get started with. They charge a $30/year admin fee, this is not really considered cheap when you compare to something like InvestNow

How do I withdraw money from Sharesies?

To withdraw money from Sharesies:

  1. Go to Wallet > Withdraw in the main menu (when you’re logged in)
  2. Enter how much you’d like to withdraw and enter your bank details

You might need to sell your shares first to get the money into your Sharesies “wallet”.

Can you day trade on Sharesies?

How do I sell shares in Sharesies?

How safe is Sharesies?

Note: Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. The info here is just a few bits and pieces I’ve found out from my own personal experience. When it comes to your own money and risk, you should always speak to a Registered Financial Adviser first.